Introducting First Gen Boston

Accelerator Program

A 12-week program designed to kickstart

Next-gen startups from First-gen founders.

First Gen's Kickstart Curriculum

Kickstart your startup, the right way at no cost! Each week, founders will learn essential skills while logging and evaluating their progress.

Month 1


Week 1: Idea Generation

Generate and validate business ideas

Week 2: Team Building

Build, lead, and manage a team

Week 3: Customer Discovery

Conduct market research and identify their ideal customer profile

Week 4: Product Validation and Testing

Validate and test their product

Month 2

PMF Hunt

Week 5: Business Operations

Track metrics, set goals, and conduct reviews with their team, mentors, and shareholders

Week 6: Pivoting

Pivot their startup when necessary and communicate the changes

Week 7: Financial Modeling+Projecting

Create financial models and projections

Week 8: GTM, Marketing, and Sales

Market and sell their product or service

Month 3


Week 9: Fundraising and Pitching

Raise funds and pitch to investors

Week 10: Investor Outreach

Grow their startup quickly and efficiently

Week 11: Data Room

Build and maintain a investor-ready data room

Week 12: Demo Day Prep

Practice and finalize their startup pitches

Week 13: Demo Day

Founders may pitch their startup to the First Gen Founder community including potential mentors, customers, and investors. (This may not happen if founders do not meet my standards.)

See what people are saying about G

"Meeting George at Techstars was a game changer for me in my early days as a venture scale founder. Having come from a background of bootstrapping, his mentorship was indispensable and his real-world experience and success provide unparalleled guidance. As George launches his own accelerator, I am thrilled for those who will benefit from his mentorship just as I did. I am confident he will continue to be a pivotal figure in guiding future entrepreneurs towards success." - Colleen Hilton (Techstars '22)

"We're lucky to have met George during Techstars and have him as a mentor and advisor for our company! He's been helpful with everything from giving feedback on our app to preparing us for demo day & fundraising." - Gary Tokman (Techstars '22)

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